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Conventional Transformer


Our most popular and cost effective forklift Battery Charger, designed for Standard Overnight Charging applications. This Floor standing Charger is extremely robust and reliable, with a plug and play design. For use in standard overnight Battery charging applications

Standard 8 Hour overnight Charger
Robust and reliable
5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Simple plug and play design
Italian designed and Manufactured
Conventional HF Charger

Conventional High Frequency


A compact and wall mounted Forklift Battery Charger, designed for when Floor space is an issue. A highly efficient offering, which Charger can be programmed to suit Lead Acid, Gel and AGM Forklift and Industrial Batteries. For use in standard overnight Battery charging applications

Standard 8 Hour overnight Charger
Wall mounted design
2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Can Charge multiple Battery Types
Italian designed and Manufactured

Smart Hybrid


An advanced Smart Charger capable of supplying both Standard overnight and "Opportunity" Battery Charging  to safely extend daily Electric Forklift run times by adding controlled boost charges to the Battery during usage shifts where required. For use in high usage Electric Forklift applications. 


Increase daily Forklift Battery usage
Opportunity Charging applications
5 Year Manufacturers Warranty
Charge at anytime during the day
Italian designed and Manufactured

Smart Fast


A specialised Forklift Battery Charger, designed for the Fast Charging of Forklift Batteries during usage shifts to greatly extend daily Electric Forklift run times. This package includes a closed loop Battery and Charger communication device, fitted to the Battery that provides the battery information to the charger to ensure precise Fast Charge supply, and also protect the Battery asset from the inherent stresses of Fast Charging. Designed for very high usage Electric Forklift applications, and the removal of Second shift Battery options for daily usage

Maximise daily Forklift Battery usage
Remove Second Shift Batteries
5 Year Manufacturers Warranty
Charge at any time during the day
Italian designed and Manufactured

5 Year Warranty

Our extensive range of Italian manufactured Forklift Battery Chargers includes trusted and reliable products from world-renowned Forklift Battery Charging suppliers. 

Our extensive Charger range covers any and all Electric Forklift usage requirement, from Standard overnight Charging options in both Conventional and HF Technologies, to premium and specialised Opportunity and Fast Charge capable Chargers to get the absolute most out of your Electric Forklift and Battery asset.

For your peace of mind, all chargers come with a manufacturer's warranty guaranteeing quality, performance, and reliability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Opportunity or Fast charging?

This is when forklift batteries are charged during break periods throughout the day to maintain a high level of battery charge or extend standard daily Battery run times. This can involve a standard "boost" charge rate, or in specialised applications, a Fast Charge rate in order to extend daily usage run times, with the rate of charge supplied during shift breaks indicative of any particular sites requirements.

In supplying specialised Chargers for additional daily Battery usage while also protecting the Battery, an Electric Forklift can now be used for applications that historically needed gas, diesel or petrol powered Forklifts or second shift batteries, rather than just the traditional "8" hour shift usage that most Electric Forklifts are designed to deliver with each charge and discharge cycle - without damaging the batteries.

Each Opportunity or Fast charge cycle effectively provides a safe “boost” charge to the Battery during usage shift breaks, negating the gassing phase of Charge - the rate of this “boost” Charge is indicative of whether it is an Opportunity (20-25% Start rate) or Fast Charge (normally 25-40% start rate depending on the application).

IBA supply all Charger variants to cater for each and every Electric Forklift Charging requirement, from standard overnight Chargers in both Conventional and HF technologies, through to Smart "Opportunity" Chargers, all the way through to Fast Charging applications in order to cover each and every Electric Forklift site requirement.

Why should you use a specialised charger when Opportunity or Fast charging your Forklift Battery?

Every Forklift Battery's life span is determined by the number of charge cycles that it can perform - the higher the required usage, the lower the expected life expectancy of the Battery. 

Like an Iphone Battery, if a phone is used heavily during the day, the Battery life of the phone will decrease, and the same principle applies with every Battery in any industry, including Forklifts. Some forklift Batteries only need to be charged once a week based on low usage requirements for the application that it is supplied into, these Batteries will invariably last well over 15 Years prior to required replacement. A Battery that is used from full charge to flat daily and charged once a day will invariably last 6-8 years on average, depending on the quality of the Battery. Each high quality Forklift Battery is supplied with a 5 Year / 1500 cycle Warranty here in Australia, in order to cover any and all Electric Forklift requirements, for all usages. 

When a battery is on charge, the greatest degree of Battery deterioration occurs in the last 20% of the charge process, or the gassing stage, where the Charger initiates a profile to enable the mixing of the electrolyte within the Battery cell, resulting in higher internal heat build up within the Battery asset. Our Smart and Fast Charger range negates this phase through real time usage programming, to enable charging through any given shift to extend daily Battery run times. 

If a battery being opportunity charged is plugged into a standard overnight charge Conventional or HF charger (instead of a specialised Opportunity or Fast charger) during the day to add charge to the Battery, a week's worth of wear can be experienced in one day, resulting in lower Battery life expectancy over time, caused mainly by what is excessive internal heat build up inside the Battery pack.

This can effectively turns a 6-8 year Forklift Battery life expectancy into a 2-3 year battery life prior to requiring replacement. This is where the terminology “Opportunity Charging” has derived from.

A Conventional or HF standard overnight charger used for this type of specialised charging will irreparably damage a battery.

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