Lead Acid Forklift Battery Manual


Your Forklift Battery is best described as the "Heart" or the "Fuel Tank" of any Electric Forklift. Ensure you supply only the best.

Correctly Maintaining your Lead Acid Forklift Battery will significantly increase your overall Battery life expectancy and daily Forklift run times.
Proper maintenance and Battery checks will ensure a Battery that gives you many years of trouble free usage. A good quality Forklift Battery should give the user a minimum of 1500 usage cycles over the course of its life expectancy, with the average life expectancy around 6-8 years, inclusive of both high and low use applications. The Electric Forklift is designed around the Battery, the bigger the Forklift, the larger the Battery requirement, with each charge cycle supplying on average 8 hours of Forklift usage per day ( 1 usage cycle ) as standard prior to requiring charging. 
Like any product, there are good and bad manufacturers and suppliers of Forklift Batteries - it is exceptionally important that you choose a trusted and leading Australian Forklift Battery supplier to ensure you get the absolute most out of your Battery life and your Electric Forklift. 
Download our Manual to see how to best maintain and utilise your Forklift Battery asset


Download Our Forklift Battery Manual


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