Battery Usage Data is Key

Unlock the potential in your batteries, providing key metrics to help maximise performance.

Industrial Batteries Australia offer Battery Monitoring solutions from global leading Battery ancillary provider Philadelphia Scientific.

These monitors are designed to maximise your Electric Forklift Batteries usage potential.

Integrated with a Battery Water Level Sensor and High Temperature alert lighting system, our eGOc Battery Monitoring devices are intrinsically linked with our Australian Industry first 5 Year Full Replacement Battery Warranty offering that only IBA offer to the market.  

Our Battery Monitors are an excellent asset to add to your existing Electric Forklift Battery fleet.



The eGO!c battery life monitor records battery performance data, helping to prevent costly damage.


  • Remote access capabilities - Know what is happening with your batteries and deal with problems immediately without having to visit the site.
  • Cost effective - Market-leading technology at the best price.
  • Quick and easy to install - Only three leads: two to connect power and one for the electrolyte probe. Complete the fields in the eGO!Tools app with the battery information and press send.
  • Simple to use - Easy to understand and actionable indications.
  • Rugged, durable and waterproof design.
  • Fully fused-  To protect the device and battery.
  • Five year + design life - Designed to last the life of a battery with a polycarbonate impact-resistant housing.
  • 5th generation software: Tried, tested and proven for more than 10 years in Motive Power applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are battery monitors beneficial?

Absolutely! Forklift batteries may be the most overlooked and under managed assets in any organisation yet when they aren’t properly maintained, they can significantly reduce productivity, and may require expensive repairs or even premature replacement.

As asset owners and fleet managers know, when it comes to performance, being kept in the dark is far from ideal. With no data recorded, no performance to track and no feedback to access, it becomes very hard to maximise the battery life and correct any behaviours that are damaging performance.

At IBA we can provide an optionally fitted eGOc Battery Monitor with each CEIL Lead Acid Battery that if used and maintained as per specification - includes Australia's only Full 5 Year / 1500 Cycle Replacement Forklift Battery Warranty !

How can I get in touch?

The fastest way to get in touch with our customer service team is to call us on 1300 877 531

Do you accept Zip pay?

Yes, we do accept Zip pay and we also offer finance options through an external company called Finance at Work.

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