Environmental Policy


Environmental impact for generations to come.

As a family business, protecting our children and their own children for generations to come is one of our core values. We recognise our corporate social responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and to promote sustainability across the motive power industry.

We aim to inspire our staff, vendors and clients to do the same.

Environmental Policy

End of Life

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead, the most critical raw material in a lead acid storage battery is 100% recyclable. Recycling an old battery to reclaim its lead content is not only beneficial environmentally, but also has great economic benefits.

Lead Acid Batteries are one of the most environmentally friendly power options available due to their high levels of recyclability

At Industrial Batteries Australia, we buy back old batteries as a part of our commitment to help protect the environment, and ensure safe recycling of the batteries is practiced.


Environmental Policy

Battery Regeneration

We're committed to reducing and reusing batteries wherever possible. That's why we developed our Battery Regeneration service where we recover 'dead', unused, over-discharged or poorly maintained Batteries to give them a second life.

Our Battery Regeneration process can:

  • Recover ‘dead’ or ‘comatose’ Forklift Batteries
  • Extend the life and run time on an existed sulphated Forklift Battery
  • Recover lost Battery usage cycles due to Battery Mismanagement
  • Provide you with 12 month product warranty on all Regenerated Forklift Batteries!

Need a Battery Replacement Fast? We Can Help.