Forklift Battery Regeneration

Battery Cell Regeneration

Bring your 'Dead' Battery Back to Life

A 'dead' or 'comatose' Forklift Battery does not necessarily mean that a complete Forklift Battery replacement is required. This is only required at the end of the battery's lifespan.

Good quality forklift batteries are typically capable of 1500-1800 cycles over their lifespan however life cycles can be lost from poor battery management practices.

Industrial Batteries Australia is the pioneer of Battery Regeneration in Australia with our Battery Regeneration process.

Battery Cell Regeneration

Our Process

Our Battery Regeneration process can:

    • Recover ‘dead’ or ‘comatose’ Forklift Batteries
    • Extend the life and run time on an existed sulphated Forklift Battery
    • Recover lost Battery usage cycles due to Battery Mismanagement
    • Provide you with 12 month product warranty on all Regenerated Forklift Batteries!

Our proven Forklift Battery Regeneration process reverses the damage caused during the charge and discharge cycles of Forklift batteries. Sulphate crystals gradually build up on the lead plates within each cell, negatively affecting the life and run times associated with the battery.

Battery Cell Regeneration

Our Solution

Our Regeneration process completely reverses this sulphation build up, and is guaranteed to return life to your battery, or you don’t pay. Our system is the only proven process capable of achieving this, with a comprehensive CEIL Battery Discharge report provided on all Regenerated Batteries, along with our exclusive 12 Month Warranty.

Battery Regeneration is best suited for Batteries which have been left unattended for a lengthy period of time, have been over-discharged or not maintained correctly and are between 0-7 years of age.

NO FIX, NO CHARGE Guarantee*
If Our team can’t restore charge to your battery, you won’t be charged for the service*

*excludes transport costs

Battery Regeneration

What Does it Cost?

Regenerated batteries are a great economical alternative to a new forklift battery with the cost generally 15-35% less than the cost of a new battery.

Pricing is based on the battery size, voltage and AH capacity.

How Long Does it Take?

The battery regeneration process involves a series of charging, discharging, and cooling phases. The process can take anywhere between 3 and 5 business days.


No Play No Pay!

We guarantee if we can't regenerate the battery, the service is FREE! (excludes transport charges)

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Battery Cell Regeneration

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5 Year Warranty

The new battery pack is rebuilt with industry-leading CEIL Battery cells and related components with our 5 Year full replacement product warranty.

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Battery Cell Regeneration

What Forklift this Battery Suits

Our battery cell regeneration service is suitable for all brands of electric pallet jacks, reach forklifts, electric counter balance forklifts acr. Batteries that have been left unattended for long periods of time, overcharged, and poorly maintained are best suited for battery regeneration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of battery charger do I need for my forklift fleet?

Regeneration Chargers and Battery Dischargers are available to companies that have large Forklift battery fleets. If you own multiple electric forklifts, you absolutely need one of these Chargers.

What happens in the The IBA Battery Regeneration Process?

Our Process:

  • The Battery is collected from the customer site and returned to our IBA Warehouse.
  • We place the Battery on a specialised Regenerative charge cycle.
  • After charge completed, we allow at least 8 hours cool down.
  • Next we run a Battery Discharge Test and gather data, then diagnose results.
  • We place the Battery on another specialised Regenerative Charge cycle.
  • Then allow at least 8 hours cool down after Regen.
  • Again we complete a Battery Discharge Test and gather data.
  • We Compare results to see if the Regen process was successful or not - +70% Battery capacity.
  • If the results are positive, we provide a cost-effective repair and deliver a usable Battery asset.
  • Finally we return the Regenerated Battery back to the customer with a 12 month Warranty on the Battery Repair.

Do you accept Zip pay?

Yes. We accept Zip pay and have many different payment options available as well as finance on request through Finance at Work.

Call our team and discuss what option works best for you. 

Still have a question?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us. We will answer to you shortly!

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