An Industry First 5 Year Full Replacement Battery Warranty


We back our products against the very best. Introducing Australia's first and only 5 Year Full Replacement Forklift Battery Warranty, Guaranteeing you the maximum return on investment for your Forklift Battery

By integrating the EGOc Battery Monitor with our global leading CEIL Forklift batteries, IBA is the only Forklift Battery supplier in Australia to offer a Full 5 Year replacement Electric Forklift Battery Warranty (1500 Full cycle Warranty) from the date the battery is purchased.

If our supplied CEIL Forklift Batteries are maintained and used in accordance with our Manufacturers recommendations, you will be GUARANTEED to have a Forklift Battery that will perform to its maximum cycle life expectations, with the added benefit of full product Warranty coverage.

Standard "Pro Rata" Battery Warranty periods that are supplied to the market, usually offer very little coverage on the Forklift Battery product in years 4 and 5, with most issues typically discounted as "user abuse" in the event of a defective Battery product if reported within this supplied Battery Warranty period. This is a common issue encountered by many. 

Our extended replacement Warranty option also importantly ensures that each and every CEIL Forklift Battery supplied is held absolutely accountable for its long term usage expectations by all of our clients and customers.

Talk to us today about what is the HEART of your Electric Forklift.

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5 Yr Warranty

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