Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to add water to the battery?

We recommend you top up your battery once weekly with clean water and always AFTER charging is completed.

We stock battery water sensors to help you stay on top of your battery water levels.


How often do I need to moniter a battery?

Ideally you will monitor your battery 24/7 to capture all the data you need to better care for your battery and meet it's maintenance needs. 

Our Industrial Batteries forklift batteries are all provided with eGO!C battery monitors and a 5 year full replacement warranty.



Do you accept Zip pay?

Yes. We accept zip pay as well as other payment methods. Finance is also available through the company Finance at work. 

What types of forklift batteries do you offer?

We supply lithium-ion and lead acid batteries in various voltages including 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V, and 80V.

What is the warranty period for your forklift batteries?

We offer an industry-leading 5-year full replacement warranty on our batteries when fitted with our eGOc Battery Monitoring system.

Do you offer battery regeneration services?

Yes, we can regenerate forklift batteries to restore lost capacity and extend their service life.

How can I choose the right battery for my forklift?

Our specialists can help you select the right battery based on your forklift's model, usage patterns, and operational environment.

What safety features do your lithium-ion batteries include?

Our lithium-ion batteries come with triple-layer over-charge and over-discharge protection, and thermal and electrical monitoring at the cell level.

How do battery monitors enhance forklift operation?

Battery monitors provide real-time data, helping to maximize performance, reduce maintenance costs, and increase battery life.

Can I get technical support for battery installation?

Absolutely, our team provides full support for installation and all technical needs related to forklift batteries.

Are your batteries suitable for multi-shift operations?

Yes, our batteries are designed to support high-demand, multi-shift operations without performance degradation.

How does the battery room management system work?

Our iBOS system facilitates efficient battery changes and management, reducing errors and optimizing battery use.

What types of chargers are available for forklift batteries?

We offer a range of chargers including conventional, opportunity, and fast smart chargers tailored to different battery types.

How do I know when a battery needs replacement or repair?

Our battery monitoring system provides alerts for battery issues, helping you decide when to repair or replace.

Do you provide emergency battery replacement services?

Yes, we offer fast battery replacement services to minimize downtime for your operations.

What is the average life expectancy of your forklift batteries?

Depending on usage and maintenance, our batteries typically offer high cycle life with up to 1500 charge and discharge cycles under warranty.

What is the advantage of ORC fast charge batteries?

ORC batteries are designed to handle rapid charging without degradation, featuring robust components and electrolyte mixing technology.

How do I maintain a forklift battery?

Regular checks, proper charging practices, and ensuring the battery is kept clean and at the correct water level are key maintenance steps.

What should I do if a forklift battery is not charging properly?

Contact our support team for troubleshooting guidance or to arrange for service if the battery is under warranty.

Are your batteries compliant with Australian safety standards?

Yes, all our batteries meet ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 standards, ensuring high safety and quality.

What types of electric forklifts can use your batteries?

Our batteries are compatible with all makes and models of electric forklifts, ensuring wide applicability.

What training and support do you offer for new battery users?

We offer comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure optimal use and maintenance of your batteries.

What is the importance of water level maintenance in forklift batteries?

Maintaining the correct water level is crucial for the health of lead-acid batteries, preventing overcharging and battery damage.

How does the Fast Charge technology work?

Fast Charge technology allows batteries to be charged quickly and safely, using advanced algorithms to manage the charge rate and prevent battery strain

What is the process for ordering a new forklift battery?

Contact us through our website or call our customer service to discuss your requirements and place an order.

How can I get a quote for a forklift battery?

Fill out the request form on our website or contact us directly to get a fast and detailed quote.

Still have a question?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us. We will answer to you shortly!

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